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Oklahoma Victims

Photo credit: AP

In light of the tragedy in Oklahoma, I’m making my songs written for grieving and healing available for FREE download.


Our hearts are aching over such devastation and loss as they cry out for answers, for understanding and comfort.


Free Downloads here.


Two more downloads below:


Forever And Always


Special Little Place” – from my first album, Just For Me, released in 1999.  It is written from a parent’s perspective of losing a child.

Sandy Hook Tribute & Open Letter to Survivors

After the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT, we all felt the pain, grief and sorrow of such a tragedy.  As we all did, I wanted to reach out to these families in a meaningful way.  I composed this song for them and wrote them a letter from someone well acquainted with grief…:

To the parents, spouses and families of the angels we lost on Dec 14th, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT:

From my perspective as a father, and a husband who has personally experienced the tragic and unexpected loss of a spouse, I wrote this song late Sunday night (Dec 16th) specifically for you.

As my heart ached when I read your stories, I wept; not for you, but with you, as I imagined the soul-wrenching agony of your loss.This was not a song written to make you “feel better,” to give you hope, to take away your pain, or to tell you that everything’s going to be okay.

It was written to validate everything you have felt, are feeling now and will feel each and every day.

It was written to validate the grief, the anxiety, the depression, the yearning, the bargaining, the confusion and anger over answerless questions, the restless nights, and the dreaded sunrises.

But know this, from one survivor to another — with feeling comes healing.

So cry, and know that we cry with you.

Mourn and know that we mourn with you.

Grieve and know that we grieve with you.

Shut out the noise of opportunists who seek to take advantage of your tragedy and emotional state for political, professional or personal gain.   Do not pay them mind or let them in.  Priority one, must be you.

Focus on you.

Focus on your family.

Focus on serving others who are hurting and, in this, you will find your own personal healing accelerated.

I promise you, though you may not feel so now, the day will come when you will ‘feel better,’ when you will have hope.  And although things will never be the same, everythingwill be okay.

And when you weep, it will not be for the bitterness of their death, but for the sweetness of the life they lived.  And anger over losing them will make way for gratitude over having them for the time you did — even if for a moment.

And when that day comes, and you’re ready to stand, we will stand with you. We are yours and you are ours as brothers and sisters in this great, yet oft-times crazy and complicated, human family.

Yours truly and sincerely,


Singin’ Southern Style!

Had the opportunity to sing a jingle for The Southern Auto Group. It was my first jingle and I had a great time gettin’ my Darius Rucker on.  There’s a full 60 sec version out there somewhere, but this should be enough to give you a quick taste!


So, what do you think? Is country my thing? LOL!



NEW VIDEO — Let Me Dream

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